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Do you want to make your website intuitive and user friendly. Does your website or Mobile app have poor user experience which is harming your company’s status. Does your Mobile app or website not meeting the end user’s expectation as far as workflow and layout is concerned. Then you have visited the right page. Keep reading till the end and we are sure that you will get what you want.

Who we are?

TECHVED Consulting is one the best Usability testing company in UAE and abroad.Our usability experts work very hard to ensure that the digital experience of your company meets the usability standards.

What we do ?

We analyze your website, mobile app or software for usability issues.We also find the strengths and weakness in your website’s design.With a set of predefined usability principles ,our experts draw results about the usability of your website or application.We aim to achieve user satisfaction ,effectiveness and overall ease of use of your product.We document the violation of the principles involved in this process and take care that the next iterative design solves the problem experienced.As participants for user testing are not required,we conduct the usability evaluation on short notice and present the reports in the shortest possible time for the design team to taken the required action.

We also carry out expert led surveys,narrated captures and expert audits.


Picture of Usability testing company methodology

How the process works ?

We work on getting unbiased feedback for your product from our community of professional testers.We assign you an expert throughout the process to achieve high quality user experience whether you have a live website or a wireframe.When you consult us for this work,we draft a survey,find the most appropriate participants and provide you with a comprehensive report of all the details.

The Result

You get actionable results in a couple of days and you pave your way to a easy to use and intuitive user experience which delights your users.

We also provide online usability testing services which helps in remote user testing.There are many other usability testing methods which our experts know by doing a lot of usability studies.Our team has a good knowledge of usability engineering.

We also have our own Usability testing lab.

So if you are looking out for an agency or a firm to handle your work, you can definitely contact us by dropping a mail.

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