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As a provider of ERP software, TECHVED customises the best ERP options to meet your company's
requirements. With our hassle-free and simplified ERP/CRM services, we assist you in empowering
your workforce, streamlining corporate objectives, and achieving operational effectiveness.


Adaptable Tools

To meet your needs, we provide highly customizable solutions, such as the implementation of cloud-based applications, the addition of CRM, Data Visualization, etc.


Streamline Operations

You may automate procedures, manage workflows, and foster collaborations with the aid of our ERP/CRM systems.


Accelerate Business

Our services help you make smarter decisions and accelerate your business.


CRM integration services

For flawless operations, we link CRM with every application in your system.


ERP integration services

Using REST or SOAP API, we link ERP solutions with any third-party applications.

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We can make transformations happen together with our insight-driven thinking.
We can help you strengthen your organization

ERP/CRM mobile integration has become a requirement in all industries. This service has the potential to increase productivity, improve service quality, give you a competitive advantage, and streamline your company's goals.

Check the benefits of mobile ERP/CRM integration

  • Automatic Synchronization
  • Functionality with ease
  • Integration with Mobile
  • Access in real-time
Integrated ERP Solutions

We are a full-service provider of ERP software solutions. Our services facilitate seamless integration between ERP systems and third-party technology, helping businesses to optimize their corporate processes.

What’s Stats Say


of teams improved their productivity by using a mobile CRM.


per sales representative revenue increase possible by using CRM applications.


of companies identified better functionality as their primary reason for implementing a remote ERP system


of companies are soon acquiring, upgrading or planning to update ERP systems


of teams improved their productivity by using a mobile CRM

Why TECHVED ERP/CRM Mobile Integration

Enhance Productivity and Company Performance

  • Create a single work flow for all business segments.
  • Assist in increasing revenue generation
  • Increased productivity through effective communication

Improve Connections and Efficient Management

  • Obtain database access in real time
  • Boost your customer service
  • Improve operations
  • Boost brand expansion

Redesigning Experience

  • Making use of a diverse set of end-to-end capabilities, features, and accessibility
  • Industries experience, knowledge of current trends, and the ability to develop new solutions
  • Solutions driven by technique Design -Led-Engineering

Scale of Operations

  • 14+ many years of global experience working for Fortune 500+ organisations
  • 24-hour services
  • Solutions from start to finish for an exceptional experience
Industries We Serve

No matter what your industry or domain is, Enterprise Mobility Solutions which
helps streamline all your organizational operations and fit the requirements.

  • Human Resources
  • Logistics
  • Insurance
  • Banking / Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Management
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Delivering digital solutions to global brands for over a
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ERP software refers to Enterprise resource planning solution – a software that is used by small to large organization in order to manage daily business activities such as Manufacturing, sales, purchase, inventory, accounting and so on.. ERP solution provide you with complete streamlining of your business departments. ERP Modules are tightly integrated with each other in order to ensure no multiple entries needed and it enhance overall performance of the business.

Yes, CRM can be integrated with ERP. By handling CRMs on front-end customer interaction and managing ERPs at the back-end,it is essential to integrate both systems. Once you have made an order, you have a precise view of customer information that includes purchase history, shipping and billing data as well as other information and tools for the financial chain management.

It effortlessly helps to produce, access, and share business information using hand-held mobile devices using mobile ERP. This provides real time data access at the touch of a button without requiring a major investment in infrastructure or setup. Simple erp mobile application development, along with the ability to 'use it anywhere,' make it simple for company decision makers to be informed at all times. ERP app download and erp app android can be deployed and updated on a cloud-based platform, boosting an organization's efficiency, production and performance significantly.


Mobile ERP is an enterprise resource planning framework accessible via mobile devices and tablets. Today companies use professional UX/UI design services to develop agile and engaging mobile ERP application.The user usually uses a regular browser or mobile applications to navigate the device over the internet.

ERP software offers you with various list of modules where CRM can be a part of an ERP system. Whereas many standalone CRM software are available in the market that caters only to lead management and sales order management. If any organization is opting for an ERP software – They can opt for CRM module with other modules such as purchase, warehouse, inventory and so on…. Whereas if an organization only want to handle the sales & Marketing team – they can opt for CRM solutions.

Today there are many ERP software available where CRM or customer relationship management module is one of the part of ERP system – CRM module in an ERP is specifically implemented to enhance the workflows of sales team and customer service. Both solutions contribute to the seamless exchange of data between agencies, promoting improved communication and driving effectiveness. Many large ERP systems have some essential CRM capabilities. ERPs are normally designed to be complete so that they can provide more features than users actually use.

CRM functions provided in ERPs are typically limited in scope and can feel cumbersome to end users. Like Microsoft Dynamics, it is a set of software programmes for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). Retail, services, manufacturing, financial services, and the public sector are the Microsoft Dynamics emphasis industries.


ERP software offers you with various list of modules where CRM can be a part of an ERP system. Whereas many standalone CRM software are available in the market that caters only to lead management and sales order management. If any organization is opting for an ERP software – They can opt for CRM module with other modules such as purchase, warehouse, inventory and so on…. Whereas if an organization only want to handle the sales & Marketing team – they can opt for CRM solutions.

The integration of ERP and CRM is a way to plug and synchronize your ERP system with your CRM that brings a competitive advantage. The aim of ERP software and CRM integration is to ensure that both systems exchange automatic synchronization and reliable information, providing a single source of reality. Integrating ERP and CRM overlap functionalities, provide technical feasibility analysis and are available on cloud based systems.

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Innovative Solutions
AR and VR solutions are pure innovation. There are ar/vr development company all around. Leading augmented reality apps development company uses cutting-edge technology coupled with creativity to provide your end-users with an impactful and immersive experience. We develop top AR solutions that offer flawless performance and function seamlessly on a wide range of platforms. Our top AR applications are packed with dynamic features and help you stay ahead of the curve. The design and functionality of our apps will certainly help boost your ROI.
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Technical Expertise
AR has been on every individual’s mind when they talk about technology. AR has revolutionized the gaming world. But, along with this, AR has also transformed various other industries and businesses. It has improved reach, visibility, and reformed several business processes as well. Our talented augmented reality developers possess the ability to thoroughly understand recent technologies and advancements. Having gained years of experience in the industry, we can help our clients transform their business ideas into top-notch products. Once you employ Brainvire’s augmented reality developers, you can rest assured that your entire AR mobile app development project is in safe hands!


ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning which generally allows its users to handle the information flow for back-office functions with data visualization. It interacts with procurement functions as well and can also be connected with different services.

The former is known as the back office, while the latter is known as the front office. ERP and CRM systems must be able to communicate data and this is better accomplished through technical integration rather than maintaining two sets of data. For example in eCommerce websites it's simple to track new orders and fulfil them when erp crm e-commerce are fully integrated. Furthermore, products and prices can be managed from a central location. We at TECHVED provide the platform for best UX/UI, Web development, ERP/CRM solutions for mobile applications and so on. Our dedicated teams works best for you to give your required needs.


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We swear by quality and time. You can contact us for specifications as timelines depend on various factors like number of pages, complexity of the project, interaction requirements, approval cycle etc.

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