What this is all about

We handle time-consuming tasks of creating, executing and implementing the customer journey for you. We use a personalized TAP platform powered by AI with Omni-channels.

  • Acquire and keep your customers engaged
  • Plug-in Omni-channels anytime anywhere
  • Continues UX/Technology upgrades

Building the next-gen banking experience

Transform key banking processes and redefine the overall banking experience for customers. Deliver the best customer experience by optimizing the entire banking journey.


Account opening through video KYC

Account opening is now easy, fast, and efficient through AI-based video authentication.

  • Lead generation with CRM
  • Profile building
  • Real Time Document Verification
  • Real Time Video KYC
  • Schedule Appointment
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Keep your prospects engaged with a conversational experience

We're all about customization so we can give you an output that combines your existing workflows with our curated ones, to offer an enriching experience. Solutions cover all below aspects.

  • Difficult to acquire
  • Changing trends & user behavior
  • Dynamic compliance
  • Lack of analytics
  • Changing tech stack/technology
  • Continues maintenance & availability
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Why TECHVED Customer Acquisition Platform

Smart strategic implementation is very important to achieve

  • Rich conversation
  • Continues UX/Technology upgrades
  • Continues regulatory compliance update
  • Customization as per business & brand needs
  • Vernacular
  • Dashboard at fingertips for measuring performance
  • Committed SLA for availability & performance
  • Ongoing maintenance & Support

Whatever your business need is

We have a solution for all your needs.

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