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This service helps you get good number of leads, sales and branding.It is very important to focus on converting the high qualiy traffic to customers which can improve your business.The CRO process helps to get visitors take some form of action on our site.Our experts follow the best practices and use best tools for this process.Our CRO services helps in reduction of bounce rate and directs the visitors to the take the anticipated action.This way there is an increase the number of visitors taking the desired action.

Why Do You Require Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?
You require this services because it will improve your sales.The ultimate aim of the CRO process is to turn the visitors of your site to buyers irrespective of whatever action is taken on the page.All the websites of any domain boost their sales through this process.

Our CRO process has been divided in to four components:

Business Research

Business owners should have a proper understanding of the market as well as the competitors in the market to help in the leads increment process.By analysing the strength of your direct and indirect competitors we help you in your business research .This analysis from our experts helps you to gain an advantage over your competitor’s thereby improving the internet marketing strategies employed by you.

High Quality User Experience:

The approach of Website usability helps the visitors of your site to get what they need in the shortest period of time.Different aspects of the website like information architecture, interface design, layout and navigation are take care by our team.We take care of the smallest attributes of your site as well as we conduct usert testing .

Good impression of your brand :

It is very important that your visitors trust you and your website before we can manage them do what we want.We take care of this which helps in generating a positive mindset in the visitors mind.We also find out if there are any negative feedbacks on the internet about your website.This step is taken to create a positive image of your brand in the online world.

Conversion Testing

Through detailed analysis and testing we measure the success of our CRO services.We help you in indentifying the problem areas on your site.Apart from this we recommend certain changes on your site to get best results possible.We find out what works the best by our multivariate and A/B testing strategies. So it is always better to think of converting the already existing traffic than bringing more. To know get a indept understing of this service,you can get in touch with our sales team.

Who we are, and why we can help you.
We are the experts in CRO process.We build smart and amazingly effective Web pages.We do A/B tests to check whether we have achieved our client's goal.The results we get for our clients are awesome.So most of client's that we work with give us a lot of credibility and appreciation.We have the best team of CRO experts and consultants.

Now let us understand what is this process.
This process refers to the action which the visitor of your website takes. It refers to that action which you want him to take. This means the act of signing up for an email, making a purchase, downloading your app or something else.The anticipated event changes the web visitor into a customer or lead.

What is CRO?
CRO is the science and art of getting a higher percentage of your web visitors to take action and becoming a customer or lead. Whatever it is you want your visitors to do, this action is what you are going to measure and optimize.
The CRO process is:
1.A systematic approach to improve the performance of your website.
2.Informed by insights—specifically user feedback and analytics.
3.Taking the traffic you already have and making the most of it.
4.Defined by your website’s unique objectives and needs (KPIs).
Watch the video below for better understanding of this process and how you get the benefits.

Below mentioned are some terms which you need to understand as follows:
Conversion Funnel: The primary flow of the user experience where visitors can complete the anticipated action.

Call to Action (CTA): It is the main link, button or user interface elements which asks the visitor to take the required action.

Multivariate Testing (MVT): It is the testing of Multiple variations of the different page elements in different combinations to find the best performing elements.

A/B or Split Testing: It is the testing of one version of an interface element against another version for the same thing.

We help our clients increase their sales using this process. To increase conversion rate we do landing page optimization. We develop and test valid hypotheses, run controlled tests and evaluate results to lock in the improvement. You get test results that statistically prove which website or landing page variation gives you maximum results.

TECHVED Consulting maximizes returns on your CRO investment. Custom test scenarios, for example, furnish insight into your particular niche, facilitating overall site revenue improvements of more than 65%. By carrying out the tests the traffic to your website convert from visitors to buyers. There are many CRO services . However, it is very important to choose the right company for availing this service. We have worked with several clients and have got a proven track record of increasing their website performance.

We have a team of best analysts who design a plan to increase your website performance. We have a very clear idea of the fundamentals of this process and use high level tools to achieve the desired results.

We develop a proper CRO strategy to increase the leads or ecommerce sales. Our website shows expert case studies which have helped our client’s business. Choosing the best conversion rate optimization company can always work in your favour and increase your ROIs.Our CRO experts can help you to resolve your cro related queries, so contact us now.

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  • Finally got an opportunity to be an User Experience Educator and Design Mentor to various startups. Thanks to UXploration and TECHVED team for igniting the spark in me!

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  • Wanted to thank TECHVED for all your efforts as a part of usability test, recommendations and prototypes. DIY application did not only meet the conversion target, but far surpassed all our expectations with lessening page wise waterfall. We don’t know about exact number what our competitors have wrt NPS (client satisfaction index) but we believe to have the best DIY tax filing application in India.

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  • Techved had helped us at a very critical time, when we undertook a major revamp of our site, their in-depth research with the population of our ecosystem guided us in designing the navigation, content layout and even the creative look and feel.

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