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We build smart human-like Humanized AI-Chatbot solutions to cater to all your needs and ensure that your users have the best customer experience.

Our expert professionals build efficient and smart Humanized AI-Chatbots

With latest technology and and effective strategies we build bots that cater to all your needs

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UX/UI Research

Conversational UI Design

We create smooth conversation designs flows to build a rapport with the user and provide a good overall user experience.

Information Architecture

Bot Architecture Design

With expert Humanized AI-Chatbot developers we create the most efficient Humanized AI-Chatbot architecture designs to meet user needs.

UX/UI Design Strategy

NLP Engine Integration

With Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence we train Humanized AI-Chatbots to understand user input and respond accordingly.


Integration with Existing System

We provide the best quality service and build bots which are compatible to integrate with the existing systems.

Creative Direction

Deployment & UAT

We use the best software and technology for deployment and integration to ensure that specifications are met.

Content Strategy

R&D and Upgrades

We conduct thorough researches to upgrade and keep our Humanized AI-Chatbot development process evolving for better.

Interaction Design

Content Strategy

We build content strategies for voice bot and Humanized AI-Chatbot services with smooth and free flowing conversational flows to keep users engaged.

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We build Humanized AI-Chatbots to cater to all user needs and requirements and ensure that the bots we build have the best content strategy to keep users engaged and interested.

With extensive knowledge in this field we have an in-depth understanding of how to add a human touch to the bot and make your bot a hit among users.

  • Conversational Humanized AI-Chatbots
  • Attractive UI designs
  • Humanized AI-Chatbot development platforms
  • Live chats
types of chatbot
types of chatbot
types of chatbot
types of chatbot
Humanized AI Chatbot

Conversational Humanized AI-Chatbots

We build engaging conversational flows to build a rapport with users.

Humanized AI Chatbot

Attractive UI designs

We add fresh and new UI designs to make the bot look attractive and user-centric.

Humanized AI Chatbot

Humanized AI-Chatbot development platforms

We take care of all your requirements related to Humanized AI-Chatbot and deliver the best solutions.

Humanized AI Chatbot

Live chats

We use the best technology in the market to ensure the Humanized AI-Chatbot is efficient and quick with its service.

Why is it Important?

Users are becoming more and more aware about technological advancements and are inclined towards quick and instant resolution providing services.

Humanized AI-Chatbots are not only smart and efficient but can also be trained to deliver quick solutions making it a great platform for brands to connect with their users. Bots also help in boosting brand loyalty and user engagement.

Why invest in Humanized AI-Chatbot?

  • Great customer support
  • Decreased operational cost
  • Boosts customer engagement
  • Round the clock customer service available

Have a look at businesses we have transformed with our innovative solutions

Have a glimpse of businesses we have transformed

Scalpel - Pharmaceutical Company

Platform for surgeons to learn and grow

DT & UX/UI Design | Mobile | Healthcare

Working with TECHVED has been a real pleasure. They really understood my needs as a client & were fantastic in understanding the needs of our customers.

- Mayank Sharma (Founder and CEO)

Selfi - Leading Insurance Company

DIY platform for insurance

UX/UI & Content Strategy | Mobile | Insurance

Working with TECHVED has been a real pleasure. They really understood my needs as a client & were fantastic in understanding the needs of our customers.

- Mayank Sharma (Founder and CEO)

Scalpel - Pharmaceutical Company

Platform for surgeons to learn and grow

DT & UX/UI Design | Mobile | Healthcare

Selfi - Leading Insurance Company

DIY platform for insurance

UX/UI & Content Strategy | Mobile | Insurance

Kotak 811

Bank account opening at your fingertips!

UX/UI & User Research|Mobile|Banking

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What is BotEngine?

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BotEngine is mainly focused on no-coding, one-click integration, and the freedom of choice to create scenarios for any business need and requirement. Users can create their own bot scenarios or use ready-to-implement templates available in the market.

A Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence powered platform to stimulate conversations through a chat window with users using natural language processing. They are trained to provide users with quick and accurate resolutions and keep the users engaged with them throughout the journey. One of the best Chatbot development company in India which provides the best Chabot solutions is Techved Consulting, they build healthcare chatbot, food ordering chatbot, hotel booking chatbot, ticketing chatbot, finance chatbot, legal assist chatbot, e-commerce chatbot, news chatbot, customer support chatbot, HR chatbots, chatbot use cases for voice bots and chatbot so on and so fort keeping in mind deployment and integration for mobile and app development.

Chatbots are like normal applications, there is an app layer, a database configuration, and compatible APIs alligned together to make it functioned. Natural Language Processing converts human language inputs into data information with a blend of texts and patterns which helps Chatbots identify user needs and responds accordingly.

There are different types of Chatbots to cater to different needs people have. Benefits of using Chatbots is that it has a resolution for almost all queries a customer can think of related to the brand the bot belongs to. Customer support bots, assistant bots, transactional bots, informational bots are a few types of bots that are widely used.

No, Chatbots can be well trained to communicate and hold conversations in multiple languages. English, Hindi and other vernacular languages can be fed in bots and they can converse with users in the language which is convenient to them. The language of the bot depends on the project and business interactions. Also, the customers, entities, guests etc. of the brand also matter while processing pipeline languages.

Chatbot is actually a computer program which functions with great machine learning technology. A bot is programmed to self learn new information which is valid based on its exposed to new words and dialogue inputs from the users side. It captures user inputs and respond with the most accurate resolution withing seconds.

Chatbot is a great way for businesses to connect with their users and build a rapport with them. It is efficient, quick and can be customized as per user needs and business agendas. They also have a personal touch to them which intrigues users to stay engaged with them and continue having engaging conversations with them. So all in all Chatbots help businesses boost their customer engagement and customer satisfaction which in turn helps in increasing the overall brand loyalty.

There is no specified limitation for a bot to have conversations with users. Chatbots are very efficient and can hold multiple conversations at once without hampering any of the conversation they are having with users.

Many people are often unsure about what they really want as they do not have as much as exposure about this topic. You can get in touch with us to know more about the AI/Chatbot services we have to offer. Firms and consultants or a good Chatbot consultancy can help you understand your requirements and suggest the right Chatbot services you should opt for.

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