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Techved Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. won the UI Design competition organized by Directi
Neha Modgil, our Design Director invited as a speaker for UPA conference
Techved Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. now has its own Usability Testing Lab in Mumbai
Techved Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. UX Designer presented at a conference in BHU
Neha Modgil, our Design Director invited to present in IWIPS, Malaysia
Techved Wins “Excellence in Design Innovation, 2012” Award Held at IIT Delhi

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Mobile is a hot; violate space that is always changing. Two most important factors to be kept in mind while designing a mobile interface are:
  • Interaction Design
  • User Experience

To work in a rapidly evolving field and create experiences within technical constraints is a challenge Techved Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. loves to accept.

Why is a Mobile UX important?

Mobile interface has a highly variable context & environment, small screen & limited text input, the UI takes up the entire screen, and it’s hard to multi-task. It is important to define how the user interacts with an object. It is also important to define the user experience since it deals with the qualitative emotional description of multiple interactions with an object.

Our Methodology

We understand user requirements for the mobile application / website that we are developing. We club it with our expertise in designing for Mobile Phone screens and produce designs that are easy to use, navigate (and have an oomph factor) when used on mobile phones.

Key Deliverables

Designed and Developed mobile website / application fulfilling user’s requirements and business needs.

Key Benefits

  • We can understand your user base and create Mobile interface that is easy to use.

Is it easy to find skilled mobile app developers in India

Mobile app developers India are easy to be found.But a very handful of them are skilled in mobile development technologies.We have skilled developers who can develop applications on android and ipad platforms.We ensure that our apps are thoroughly tested before they are handed over to our clients.More of mobile app related information can be found here.