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User experience (UX) concentrates on having a profound understanding of clients, what they require, what they consider valuable, their capacities, furthermore their impediments. It likewise considers the business objectives and goals of the developers managing the project. Application of the concept of UX to the project enhances the value and quality of user’s interaction with your system and the products you promote and any associated services.

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Many people think that user experience design is similar to the following:
Web Design
Graphic Design
User centered Design
Human factors engineering
User Interface design
Interaction Design
Customer Experience
Information Architecture

To improve the interactions between human and their associated environment, interaction design like uxd has evolved drastically.The major difference between the two is that takes in to account all the user facing aspects of a system while the later is only concerned about interaction between the users and computers which is normally referred to as human computer interaction or HCI.

The most widely recognized or default elucidation of User Experience of anything is that we expect an alternate individual will encounter while utilizing an intelligent system which does not fulfill the usefulness of the system. A meaning of it that does not epitomize inside it’s particular strategies, methods, and achievement measurements is not valuable to producers, managers, or designers. A client focused mindset is fundamental for the accomplishment of any successful intelligent system, so maybe the term is underutilized.

Sites and Web applications have ended up continuously being more intricate as our industry advances and progress in their respective fields. What used to be a restricted static medium has been developed into an extremely rich and intuitive experience. Regardless of changes in the process of production or usage of technology, a site's success still depends on only one thing: how clients see it. "Does this site provide me the information and value I am looking for? Will the site be easy to use and provide with the relevant information that I want?" These are the queries that the visitors have in their mind as they are inter-relating with your items or products. These factors influence the visitors to make their buying decisions and whether to become a habitual visitor to the website.

Client or User experience design outline is about striving to make them reply "Yes" to those inquiries. This aide plans to make you acquainted with the expert control of plan in the connection to Web-based frameworks, for example, sites and applications.Below is a video which gives an indepth explanation.

So What is User Experience ?

It is generally termed as UX and is about how an individual feels when interacting with an interface. The interface could be a site, a web application or desktop based software and in present day settings, is signified by HCI or Human computer interaction. The individuals who work in this process are called as UX designers whose portfolio is similar to that of ui designers but they have some differences in terms of functionality. They learn and assess how clients feel about the product or system, taking closer look at things such as usability, view of the estimation of the framework, utility and competency in performing tasks.UXD look into associate systems and procedures within a system..An example would be, they may study the checkout process of an e-commerce site to see whether clients discover the process of purchasing items from the site is simple and pleasant or difficult. They could dive deeper into the site to find out whether filling of input fields in a web form is easy and pleasant experience to the users. With Contrast to numerous different systems, especially Web-based frameworks, UX is moderately new. The expression "user experience" was begat by Dr. Donald Norman, a cognitive science analyst who was likewise the first to portray the significance of user center designing.

What is the importance of UX ?

These days, with such a great amount of attention on client focused design, depicting and defending the criticalness of planning and upgrading the client experience appears to be practically unnecessary. We could essentially say, "It's essential on the grounds that it manages our clients' requirements " and most probably everyone would be satisfied with it. Few years back,those of us who worked in the Web design industry before the codification of client focused design(ucd),people who liked ease of use and Website accessibility would realize that we used to make sites in a different manner.Prior to our customers we) comprehended the value of user centered design,we used to settle on only two things: what we thought was great and what the customer wanted to see. On the basis of we thought would work, we use to built interaction based design which was intended for ourselves. The center of attention was on the style and brand, with practically no consideration on how the individuals who would use the site and what would they feel about it. Behind what we did there was no rocket science. We did the work because the outcome looked great and that’s what our customers wanted to see. Anyway this decade there has been a lot of transformation on the Web. Not just has it become more omnipresent — the Web had no less than 1.5 billion users comprehensively in 2008 — yet sites have ended up so unpredictable and characteristic rich that, to be successful, they must have extraordinary client experience design. Moreover, people have been browsing sites in a number of ways like via cell phones, different browser programs,distinctive sorts of Internet associations. So,we also became more aware of the importance of accessibility that is access to our web product universally. So that people who do not have latest devices like smart phones, screen readers and high speed internet connections could also get access to our web property.

Factors that influence user experience design

Inorder to have a good experience,the information must possess the following components:
Useful:The information mentioned should be original and should satisfy the query of the end user.
Desirable: Videos, Images,Person, brand, and other design elements should be used to strike a chord with right emotions and appreciation.
Usable: Site must be user friendly and easy to navigate.
Findable: Informational Content should be navigable and should be easy to locate both onsite and off site.
Accessible: People with disabilities should be able to access the content with ease.
Credible:You should make sure that the information on the site is credible so that people can trust you and your content.

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