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Importance of e commerce in UAE and Dubai


The implementation of ecommerce websites in United arab emirates has seen step rise in last few years. Many merchants who have launched their online stores have realized its potential in improving their business as well their online visibility.They also got to know how the buyers interact with their website for online shopping.

Rich and prosperous gulf countries who have lot of mega malls in their states are also inclined towards the convenience of their customers. So they would prefer their customers arrive at their shop via their fingers rather than their feet.So,they are open for online shopping concept for the sake of their consumers.

E commerce middle east boom.

The retail sector has been evolving in middle east specially uae.Presently,lot of funds are with the merchants to invest in the retail sector for its sustained growth both in online and offiline markets.Virtual shopping has shown growth of about 300 percent due to increase in tech savvy population,online mobile payments and competition.YouGov,a middle east market research firm did a survey and found that in uae 75% of the population whom they surveyed had an experience of online shopping. Online sales for B2C sites can probably reach upto an estimated figure of 15billion dollars  by 2015 as predicted by gulf corporation .



Amongst the middle east territories, United arab emirates has shown to have highest percentage of online buyers. It has been reported that the online sales growth was about 2 billion dollars in the year 2010.
For e commerce UAE and Dubai area, we have provided guidelines to help you get started online.

How to start ecommerce business?
The first step in starting an online business is to define your market and what you want to do in that market. The knowledge of how, what to sell and whom to sell is very crucial as far as your business is concerned.
The second step is to have a definite plan. A proper documentation is required which would contain your business plan. This is a must before starting your business otherwise you will not be able to deal with the obstacles that arise while running the show and you would end up spending more than required to fix some issues which would have been taken care of easily.

At start keep the budget of you site average. After you start getting results then you can decide if you want to invest more on your site. You can also check the same guidelines on

The ecommerce web design for online shopping portals in Dubai ,UAE is of prime importance.This is what makes the visitors click on your site and stay on your website for a longer period of time.We are the service and solution provider for the same.

We analyze your web design and development, your traffic stats,the visitor behaviour on your portal, where your visitors click on your site and the reason behind the lack of conversions on your site.

This process of analysis of your site is called as UX design which is the main service of our company.We help improve the user experience of your ecommerce portal so that the visitor like to stay longer on your site and buy from your site or perform the required action which you want him to take by directing him to the sales funnel.

So whenever you think of increasing conversions for your online business think of techved and contact us immediately.We would be very happy to assist you for the same.

Building the website is where the most important part starts. Now this is where techved consulting comes into picture.Techved is providing additional facilities to serve its customers from uae.We have specialized in developing these type of websites.You can also find us listed on .

Thus, there is  growth in the online shopping area for sure.Techved  has  many years of experience  in developing ,designing and maintaining ecommerce sites. We have served high profile clients from various fields and we pledge to do the same in middle east specially in united arab emirates.

We have already proved that we provide quality service in this area and we would continue to do so.Our intention for e commerce uae  as well as dubai is to be known as  best and reputed ecommerce solution provider company in entire dubai, sharjah, abhubhabi and united arab emirates. 


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