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We created an easy to use Insurance buying and servicing journey to boost the conversion rate and customer satisfaction ratio.






Website and Mobile


UX/UI Design Strategy, Content Strategy



UX/UI Design Strategy, Content Strategy

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Problem Statement

To reduce the drop-out rate and make the Insurance buying journey easy to use for users. Also, to make a user-centric journey for all stage.

Understanding business Eco-system and users need

From User Analyses to Brainstorming Sessions and Ideation, we narrowed down key areas that needed to be addressed from user perspective.

  • 1. Lengthy buying and claim process
  • 2. Too many clicks to reach the end goal
  • 3. Outdated digital space with a lagging journey
  • 4. Users were not frequent with their interaction with the digital platform


our work


our work


our work

We pinned down required remedy for business and users

app one
app two
app three
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We created visually appealing designs which were intuitive and gave the digital platform a new fresh look and feel.

Intuitive Designs

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With our expertise, we simplified the navigation and created an easy to use Insurance journey.

Seamless Journey

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We designed the app keeping the needs and requirements of the target audience in mind.

User-centric Approach

Check out the Creative & Innovative Solutions

Techved simplified the navigation and with an advanced digital service also transformed the entire digital asset to be a hit.

RGI mobile app one
RGI app two
mobile app
RGI mobile app five
RGI app six

Our Redefining impact

This insurance platform turned out to be a one-stop app for all insurance needs

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We simplified the entire experience which enhanced the customer satisfaction ratio which further resulted in better user engagement and positive word of mouth referrals.
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With our expertize there was an incredible increase in the conversion rate. Also, there was a noticeable decrease in the drop-out rate which was a great win for the company.
our work Increased Customer engagement
our work Reduced Operational cost
our work Reduced Lengthy processes throughut
our work 30%-35% Increase in travel journey conversion

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