Things to keep in mind while doing mobile usability testing

When conducting mobile usability testing, certain criteria have to be checked as not every product will have similar functionality as other similar ones in the market. A mobile app or sites needs more just qualitative analysis and feedback. Making simple tweaks to them as per the testing will result in creating better user experience. Whether one is carrying out usability testing for mobile apps or m-sites, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Principles of Usability Testing for Mobile Applications

To deliver a clean, clutter-free and usable website or mobile application along with an effective user interface, it is imperative to carry out usability testing. Creating a design without opting for mobile usability testing can come with major flaws and however experienced a designer might be, it is essential to check for its usability. Usability testing is a technique used for product evaluation. This evaluation is done by testing the application on various users who belong to the target audience. Usability testing is majorly done to understand how well the users are able to use the application. To make any design user-centred, it is essential to carry out these tests in the design and development stage.

Benefits of ecommerce usability testing

Prior launching any ecommerce website, the most crucial part is to test for its usability. Usability testing includes evaluating the features and functionality of the site. The features are tested for make the website user friendly and intuitive. Some of the key things that you have to look for while testing for usability include responsiveness, cross browser compatibility and navigation.

Mobile usability testing- A complete know-how!

With the invention of mobile operating systems, developers have been busy creating apps that can work in sync with its latest versions. It is necessary to ensure that the apps are easy to use and navigate even after all the changes in the existing interface have been made. Carrying out mobile usability testing is the most convenient way to check the intuitiveness offered by the designed app.

What is usability?

When users interact with an app, system, software or website, the quality of their experience is known as usability. The usability of any designed product will be defined by the subjective satisfaction of the users. When the usability is effective, it will eventually generate great ROI, reduce redesigning expenditures and grant immense customer satisfaction. Usability testing is a viable way to find the hidden flaws in any design and by doing so; one can conveniently come up with strategies for resolving them. From styling to layout, colours to typography and other flaws, everything can be resolved with usability testing.

Interface design patterns - A designer's guide

Mobile Design patterns help in fixing most of the problems during web development. Knowing all the right patterns for mobile ui design will eventually help you in placing all the essential design components in the right place. As designer, most of you must be already aware of some basic things like interaction suggestions, search functions, galleries, organization of forms and best solutions to combat the problems that arise while executing them. Avoiding common pitfalls and anti-patterns for mobile app design should also be considered as one of the primary inputs for making a design work.

Principles of UX - Things you can’t miss out on!

Users look into any product or service expecting a level of honesty from its developers. Things that are introduced should do what they are expected to do, behave and allow users to swiftly use them.

When the principles of UX are implemented well, it shows how well a designer understands the users. And here are some vital UX principles that cannot be neglected. Take a look!

Experience through design

Experience isn’t created by the designers. Instead, they mould an artefact through compelling designs that gives the users a whole new experience. Experience is slightly prejudiced and a design cannot be made to please every eye in the same way. A website design isn’t a physical product where the user will have similar views within a single glance. However, that does not imply that the framework cannot be designed for people to experience a specific service. By creating a rock-solid framework, gaining better user experiences will be quite common.

Have a Holistic approach

User experience is not a matter of fact anymore. It is more, much more! It is just like the butter which saves your cookie from crumbling. Having a holistic approach towards designing will keep your users from walking away! Imagine you buying a dress to wear for the evening. You love the colour and the way it accentuates your body curves. But then, your friends do not like the dress as much as you do. You can never really ignore their opinion if you dress to impress! Of course, not all things can be designed the same way, but the level of perception is always the same.

How UX can be beneficial for banking and financial sectors?

UX Services For Banking & Financial Sectors

UX - For those who are tech savvy, this may be more than just two alphabets written together and for those who aren’t aware of it, it is time to know it beyond mere alphabets. User Experience or UX is a term which defines the way a website design responds when the users try to use it. UX can be best described as a method of fulfilling the goal of making a website visually appealing as well as logical, lucid and equally empowering to use.

Bursting the bubble of online finance, UX design will not only change the realm of banking but also make it easier for the customers to handle all their financial affairs with a click of the mouse. The ultimate aim of UX design is to provide the users a clear pathway to the solutions that can be understood and adapted in every possible way.

An unprecedented growth of online banking has given rise to the need to keep the customers engaged via mobile and website. To keep them engaged, there has to be a medium that they will love exploring and the answer to this is UX.

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