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Designs are to Delight. Ensuring a memorable journey for the consumers  is our responsibility as designers, believes Neha Modgil, Director at Techved Consulting. She has much more to say, express and share what’s on her mind. Put down on paper, here are some beautiful thoughts straight from our Director’s heart.

When I started Techved, it was passion turned to business. Over the years as I experienced world, Techved is my expression and gratitude to being a designer, woman, mother, CEO, entrepreneur and above all, a human.

With designing seated so close to my heart, I constantly strive to spread laughter and cheer through our designs. At Techved, I complete my desire to ensemble designs and emotions so that we deliver work that stays close to people’s heart too.

All Design Is Redesign

Design is ubiquitous. Everything around us is designed to be the way it is. Design is thus never a beginning; it is always an extension, refinement and distillation.

Design is representing of intent and is generally connected to terms like creativity and innovation or often seen as a form of an art. Every design is basically about revamping an already existing idea or design. It is about innovating and making it more acceptable to suit the needs that change with time.

From Kitchens to Boardrooms- Working Moms Walk the Victory Lane

Women are splendidly kicking it on in all fields today, be it the corporate world or the sports ground,the glamour world or the parliament house; ladies are leading as businesswomen, CEOs, mothers, wives and what not. I don’t have to look very far to find a case in point, as I come across one such leading lady every single day. And I wonder how she balances work and life altogether so smoothly.

Multimodal Interaction

Technology has bestowed us with many comforts and luxuries, and made life way easier for us today. In order to use technology and its various inventions, it is vital we know how to use, accept and adopt it. Human interaction with technology takes place through desktop computers, cameras, mobile phones, internet etc. The interface between humans and system may become problematic at one point when the systems are less useful and usable. An advanced move towards building an enhanced human interaction calls for a close understanding of humans, information and various interactions. Providing the users with multiple modes of interaction with the system and offering various benefits over the conventional unimodal interaction is the step ahead. This is termed as Multimodal Interaction as it refers to the different modes available to the user for interacting. Multimodal interaction has created engaging experiences for users across different systems with multiple modalities ensuring an enhanced communication between humans and systems. Humans interact via a wide variety of modalities for communication in daily life; like speech, gestures, facial expressions, touch etc. The multimodal interaction is an effort towards humanizing the human-computer interface. Smartphone is one universally used tool that offers users with such multimodal interaction experience.


User experience is an indispensable part of software development and has an immense impact on the success of the software. The term user experience closely involves the user and his emotions during the usage. Be it a mobile app, website, a software, a game, a product, a machine , a service or system , User Experience is of vital importance.It is directly related to the user’s perception about the experiential aspects , convenience & competence of use and the utility of the system. With changing circumstances, it becomes necessary to keep the user experience constantly updated with time by innovating and amending it; it is beneficial to look after its dynamicity.

Business Leadership Awards 2013

Business Leadership Awards 2013

(News release report)

Source: Worldwide Achievers Pvt. Ltd  
Wednesday, August 14, 2013 11:34 AM IST (06:04 AM GMT)
Editors: General: Entertainment, People; Business: Advertising, PR & marketing, Banking & financial services, Business services, Education & training, Heavy industries, Information technology, Media & entertainment, Real estate, Telecommunications; Technology; Healthcare

Business Leadership Award Winner’s Honoured by Mr. M.S. Bitta and Subodh Kant Sahay

New Delhi, Delhi, India, Wednesday, August 14, 2013 –(Business Wire India)

User Experience in Daily Life

In today’s life we thrive solely on the products, services and various facilities that are available to us thanks to technology and development. We should be thankful for all the inventions and amenities that we have with us today; yet we manage to find flaws and limitations at some point or the other with each of these. When things are not the way we wanted, we often experience inconvenience and express displeasure at the slightest of the interruptions that come in way of our comfort and luxury.Right from the time we wake up in the morning till we go to the bed, we come across numerous products like toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo bottles, cars, refrigerators, television sets, air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens etc. Each product can be enhanced for the better such that it will help the user. We might not feel the need of up gradation in all the routine products as we have adjusted ourselves and are accustomed to using them. But as a User Experience designer, I have felt the need of UX designing in so many of our daily life products and services.

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