Neha Modgil - Design Director
Neha Modgil
Design Director

Neha Modgil's approach is to transform user and business needs into viable, usable and adorable product and interface solutions. She has spent over a decade in designing and implementing creative and intuitive interface design for software and websites. She has travelled all over the globe and worked with clients like Nokia, GE, Naukri, HP etc. Neha is a Usability evangelist and has been a speaker at many international conferences. She holds a Masters in Design degree from SPA, Delhi. She has also authored books for IGNOU for teaching Design through Distant Learning.

The Techved community is proud to have served 100+ Happy Clients made possible by some bright minds at work. Here's a list of our people who don't necessarily drink coffee to stay energized. It's something much more. Scroll down to find out what it is that keeps them driven.

UX Designers
UX Designers

All the designers at Techved have one thing in common. Passion. They are always ready to provide out of the box solutions to anything that may be mundane. UX designers are very skilled and proficient in their work and know right how to create designs users love and desire. They are aware of what lies in the heart of the customers and keep it in mind while designing.

Visual Designers
Visual Designers

Great designs need to look good. Our visual designers, who come with a creative bent, beautify the experience by adding the good look and feel element to it. From aesthetics to visuals to colors to fonts, the designers solely take care of ensuring the elements are in good shape. A lot of credit goes to them for engaging users on site and building trust in the brand.

User Research Experts
User Research Experts

As a User Experience Consulting, we clearly realize the importance of knowing the users’ views, perceptions, requirements, and their mindset. We have our team of User Researchers who are closely involved with the design team for every project. They develop a clear understanding of the users and work collaboratively with the design team in order to create designs that are well suited for their use.

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