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Techved Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. won the UI Design competition organized by Directi
Neha Modgil, our Design Director invited as a speaker for UPA conference
Techved Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. now has its own Usability Testing Lab in Mumbai
Techved Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. UX Designer presented at a conference in BHU
Neha Modgil, our Design Director invited to present in IWIPS, Malaysia
Techved Wins “Excellence in Design Innovation, 2012” Award Held at IIT Delhi

Our Services

user centered design and development process

We design interfaces like websites, applications and softwares with a prime focus on the requirement of the users.

At Techved, we evaluate interfaces with a user perspective to eradicate the usability issues and create an enhanced User Experience.

This service strives to raise the conversion rates on websites by analyzing and interpreting user behavior.

We carry out corporate workshops on Usability to guide people across the globe and conduct in-house training.

Also hire our skilled UX and Design Team
For onsite engagement

User Experience in Daily Life

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Usability Testing Vs. Trend Analysis

The other day whilesurfing the internet I happened to realize how usability of a website could vary from cinch to complex. -..Read More

Techved consulting India Pvt Ltd specializes in usability testing, user centered design with research and evaluation, ui designing, web conversion rate optimization and corporate workshops.

Improve performance and sales of your site with our Website Conversion rate Optimization services.

Most site's specially the one’s that sell online products, services like ecommerce, service providers are always concerned about the revenue generate by their site and always have a tendency to see increase in sales and revenue via their site.To achieve this purpose, some consultants would recommend changes in the structure of your internet site. This is little risky since this can result in loss in rankings in the search engines and decline in traffic if the best practices are not followed. Also,conventional search engine optimization (SEO) can increase the traffic to your site but will not guarantee you increase in sales or revenue since many of visitors will not take the desired action which you want them to take but will bounce off your website due to poor user experience or inability to find the information which they are searching for.For this purpose, we as a company, agency or consultancy provide website conversion rate optimization services and are experts who follow best practices in providing the same.

Increase Ecommerce conversion rates with best return on investment

CRO can be defined as the method to improve the performance of your site by using feedback of users and analytical tools. In simple words, it is process of identifying why the visitors to your site are not converting or taking the anticipated action which is expected. After identification, fixing is also as important part so that there is considerable improvement in percentage of visitors to customer’s ratio. Benefits are as follows:

• Enhances the visitors time on site and allows them to spend more time on surfing the site.

• Better Return on Investment (ROI).

• Cost effective than increasing traffic since main focus is on converting existing traffic.

• Improved Landing pages.

• Reduced bounce and exit rates.

• Increase in funnel usage.

• Enhances the chances of repeated visitors.

• Improves popularity on web due to visitor’s recommendation.

• Enhances the performance of your site

• Establishes authority in the eyes of search engines.

• No requirement of unnecessary split testing.

• Improvement in Key performance indicators for your business.

• Lastly, increase in ecommerce sales and thereby overall growth in revenue.

Why Web, Mobile user experience design with usability testing contribute for converting visitors to customers?

Usability testing can be defined as a process used to evaluate a website or a software product by real users who will represent the end users. This process comprises of an observer and a team of users who will conduct the test. A set of tasks are assigned to the users while performing the test while the observer keeps a close watch on the process, interacts with the users and takes important notes. The main idea behind such an activity is to identify as many usability problems, collection of data for analysis of the site or product and make sure that these issues get resolved before the site or product is deployed or becomes live. 

Enhanced user experience is why the above mentioned activity is performed. We are an expert in UX in India. User experience design is a process where in all aspects of human computer interaction design are taken into consideration along with all aspects of the website or product as the users interpret it. Also, it refers to the awareness of the end users, installation, ordering, fulfillment, support and up gradation. The most important criteria is while interacting with the system how the user feels. Individuals who work on user experience are called as UX designers. These individuals do the evaluation about how the end users feel while using the given website or the product. Few factors looked upon are how easy is the system to use, how much the site or the product is efficient while performing tasks, what value does your site provides and so on. To make the site more user friendly, usability testing is conducted. Sites which provide great experience to ones who uses it are bound to attract a lot of leads, customers and eventually lead to a profitable business.

Web design in India has been booming over the last couple of years. To, every other business from small scale to large scale wants their websites to be done. Before coding a website, it is very crucial to plan the web design in the most appropriate manner so that the end result is proper. If the design itself is improper then the output generated is also of low quality. To plan a proper layout, an experienced designer is required. There are various web designers in India but we have mastered this skill and have been serving many clients with our quality services. We also specialize in ecommerce web development.

We also conduct corporate workshops on usability. We have best of the best trainers who have been training people across the globe and have conducted many workshops abroad as well. Our workshops are designed in such a manner that they are easy to understand, easy to grasp and are interactive in nature which gives the participants an edge over conventional workshop practices.

Techved believes in providing the best quality services to its clients and maintaining long term relationship with its customers.